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Quick Tips


Apply moisturiser just after you get out of the shower/bath as it absorbs better when your skin is damp.

Do you leave your water and other bottles outside on the balcony? The sun will heat the plastic of the containers/bottles which could cause the potentially harmful chemicals to be released into the liquid that you then drink!

The Power of Mediation – even if you are not someone who practices mediation regularly try to sit quietly in nature or in a safe place and breathe, steady your mind and listen to what is around you. Even this small practice will help you to be more aware of your surroundings, your own self and others.

Use a satin/silk pillow cover to reduce the drag on your face when you sleep. As a bonus, it also helps to stop your hair getting all messed up while you sleep!

Never use your standard face or body cream around your eyes, it is too heavy and will ‘drag down’ the skin around the eye area. Use specific 'eye' area creams only or a light oil like sweet almond oil.

When applying moisturiser or any cream to your face do a little massage at the same time, always massage upwards and focus on the areas along the jaw line or any pressure points that relieve tension for you.

Save your egg shells, crush them up and spread the broken shells around your plants to keep bugs and snails away.

Smelly shoes? Put some tea bags into them and let the tea absorb the foot odor!

Feeling out of sorts at the change of the season? Get outside and if possible meditate for a few minutes in a favourite natural spot. This will help your body and mind adjust to the new season.

Really dry skin? Rub your favourite oil all over yourself before the shower/bath to really give dry skin the heave ho.




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