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Make a hydrating facial spray like a pro

08/19/2018 - 12:15

Today I want to share one of my favourite summer skin care products. This beautiful, refreshing and natural facial and body spray is very simple to make and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It is also slightly astringent, so will give your face a lightly tighter feel. 

What you need for this lovely natural summer facial and body spray:

50 ml glass spray top bottle 

Glass beaker or small bowl with a pouring spout

A stirrer for mixing, e.g. chopstick, glass stirrer

Aloe vera gel (try to find one as pure as possible, it is possible to find 97 – 99% pure aloe vera gel) 

Rose hydrosol (or another hydrosol of your choice, for summer I love using half Wild carrot hydrosol and half Bamboo hydrosol), but Rose hydrosol (Rose water) is generally easy to find. See below the for properties of each of the suggested hydrosols.

Label for your bottle

Optional extra: Preservative – add as per the instructions for your chosen water based preservative.

Using the beaker/bowl, put one teaspoons of aloe vera gel in the bottom and cover with 45 ml of your chosen hydrosol(s). Mix well and pour into the glass bottle and close with the spray top. 

Label your bottle with the contents and date you made it. Shake well and spray. 

Use within a few weeks, if you are not using a preservative, as the product is made with waters and will not last for more than 4 – 5 weeks. Can be kept in the refrigerator for longer shelf life and extra cooling properties!

Tip: It is also possible to use this spray as a light make up remover or facial cleanser.

About the ingredients:

Rose hydrosol can be balancing for your hormones and can add and retain moisture, and is therefore a great treat for the skin on a hot day. It is often used in many skin care treatments for its possible anti-wrinkle properties. Lovely rose scent.

Wild carrot hydrosol can help to regenerate skin cells and is therefore good for any slight skin rash or damaged skin, it can be calming for skin inflammation and is therefore a good hydrosol to use if you have been out in the sun over summer. A fresh and comforting scent as a water, wild carrot is one of my favourites.

Bamboo hydrosol can be soothing and hydrating for the skin and is often used for dry and sensitive skins. It can give the skin a soft feel and has a scent a little like freshly cut grass.

Aloe Vera gel contains many vitamins and minerals useful for the skin and has recently been found to contain some antiseptic and cell regeneration properties and is well regarded as a cooling after sun care. By adding the aloe vera gel to the hydrosol spray you add in a vitamin boost for you skin.


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