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Emotion Lotion Bars


Shelf Life

6 months


CHF 10.00

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Extremely popular with men and women alike our emotion lotion bars bring a moment of indulgence to your daily routine. Not only moisturizing, our Emotion Lotion Bars are brimming with therapeutic essential oils to help stimulate your mind body and spirit. There are many options each one providing positive emotions for a moment of meditation and focus in our crazy lives.


Especially useful when your water is harsh and drying. Used in before during or after your shower or bath. The bars melt on contact with the skins and can also be used as massage bars.


Safe wax paper
certified bio-organic beeswax
certified bio-organic extra virgin coconut oil 
certified bio-organic sweet almond oil
organic essential oils

All Edelweiss Naturals products are:

  • never made with synthetics or chemicals of any kind

  • made locally with, whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients

  • tested on friends, not animals

  • considerate of the environment at all times with minimal packaging, transport and use of recyclable or biodegradable materials whenever possible




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